4369 Vt Route 17 W
West Addison, Vermont, 05491
1 (802) SKY-DIVE (802-759-3483)

Friendly Faces

Ole Thomsen is the owner, founder, lead instructor, and general Jedi Master of Vermont Skydiving Adventures. He made his first jump in 1984, and has since logged more than 9,000 freefalls. He is a USPA-certified AFF instructor, Tandem Instructor, and Safety and Training Adviser. He is also an FAA-certified Senior Rigger. On any given day, you can find Ole teaching a first jump course, pumping fuel, organzing a relative work 8-way, packing tandems, or flocking a group of wingsuits across Lake Champlain. It is Ole’s skill, experience, and endless patience that makes our dropzone what it is today.

Terri Mayer Thomsen is the co-owner and co-founder of Vermont Skydiving Adventures. Together, she and Ole built our dropzone from a far-fetched dream into a thriving and vibrant community. Terri is aUSPA-certified AFF instructor, and an FAA-certified senior rigger. She made her first jump in 1988, and since logged more than 1,700 freefalls. You are likely to see her at the dropzone eitherworking with students, or jumping for fun. When not in the air, she keeps busy with her work as a drug and alcohol abuse counselor, and as a mother, raising she and Ole’s three children.

“Handsome” Joe Whiting is the Chief Pilot at Vermont Skydiving Adventures. He is a two-thousand hour pilot with a winning smile and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Despite all of the tips and pointers he WILL give you, please keep in mind he only has 4 jumps under his belt, but we consider him an asset to the dropzone either way.


Mitch Cole is a tandem master with over 1000 tandems, a static line instructor, and possibly a future AFF instructor. He is often mistaken for Di Nero or Stallone. Mitch is a former Navy Seal and the rest is classified.


Ellen Morris, a great first jump course instructor and mentor. Ellen can be seen at the dropzone usually every weekend.

Jim Gricci consults with Ellen on the latest and up to date Basic Safety Requirements, in the first jump course classroom. Jim’s resume is as long as the Colorado River starting off as Vermont Skydiving’s first student, and has lead to being a USPA Coach-Examiner, Static line instructor, former tandem instructor, a commercial rated pilot and much more…

Rob Schicker, also know as Mr. Vermont, is a 1400 jump tandem instructor and videographer. He enjoys sunset walks on the shores of Burlington, rock climbing, tele-skiing, kayaking and hikes on  Hunger Mountain.  Great guy and a joy to be around, currently single but not for long.


Lori Ash is our manifester and glue of the organization here at Vermont Skydiving. When she is not working hard keeping us skydivers organized she is a jumping fool. Belly flying and sit flying with the big boys, this is one person you cannot miss a skydive with!