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First Timers

Tandem Skydive

Tandem skydiving offers a unique way of experiencing all aspects of skydiving while enjoying the security of having an instructor attached during the entire skydive. This method is ideal for the one-time jumper or as an introduction to the sport. Just 20 minutes of training and you’re on your way

Accelerated Freefall Training

The Accelerated Freefall, or AFF training program, is the fastest route to becoming a licensed skydiver. The program consists or seven consecutive levels that gradually build up the flight skills a student needs to safely and successfully skydive on his or her own. Topics covered throughout the program include altitude awareness, basic freefall body position, elementary flight maneuvers (turns, forward movement), and stability loss and recovery maneuvers (flips and barrel rolls). Students are also introduced to the basics of parachute flight, under radio guidance from an instructor. Every AFF skydive at Vermont Skydiving includes video and a complete debriefing.

The first step in the AFF program is known as the Level One Skydive.  After completing a one-day First Jump Course, you exit the airplane from 12,000 feet, with two instructors holding onto you. After deploying your parachute, an instructor helps guide you to the ground via radio. Call for more information!

Static Line

The Static-Line Jump is the original method of skydiving training, and has been in use around the world for more than 60 years. After a one-day First Jump Course, students exit the aircraft at 3,500 feet, and their parachute is automatically deployed. An instructor on the ground then guides them via radio. This instruction method focuses on controlling the parachute, and offers students a maximum amount of time in the air at a minimum cost. Call today for more information!

Video & Photos

Remember the moment with video and photos! With these option one of our experienced staff members will record your adventure. You will receive a professionally edited video of your skydive, as well as a USB drive with all of your photos. Remember: Memories fade, but pictures last a lifetime!

Outside video: A trained video flyer will accompany you on your jump, and record video from an outside perspective. This allows them to capture your experience at a wide angle; they can fly circles around you!

Handicam Video: With this option your tandem instructor will wear the camera strapped to their hand to capture an up-close and personal view of your skydiving experience!