4369 Vt Route 17 W
West Addison, Vermont, 05491
1 (802) SKY-DIVE (802-759-3483)

About Us

Founder, Ole Thomsen, started skydiving as a hobby. He believes the best way to stay passionate about work is to do what you love. He turned his hobby into his profession and Vermont Skydiving Adventures was born in 1992.

“Some people say you must have a death wish to skydive. It’s actually the opposite. You have a life wish. It’s like any activity. You can be afraid of life and sit on your couch and do nothing, or you can go biking, hiking or skydiving. When we’re on our deathbed, what do we remember? Our memories, or how much money we made? I’ll take the memories.” -Ole 

With a dream and loan Ole and Terri Mayer Thomsen, co-owner, bought 3 student gears and one tandem gear. After scraping and scrapping they managed to buy their first airplane in 1994. VSA has grown slowly since then, maintaining a great safety record. As a member of the United States Parachute Association Vermont Skydiving Adventures can license people to skydive and bring more passionate jumpers in to the skydiving community.

VSA is unlike any skydiving establishment you’ll come across because it is a Mom and Pop operation.

“We are in it to skydive, not make money, we just want to get people up in the air. We love our jobs, we love coaching others through this amazing experience. We will never tire of our work. The thrill of skydiving is contagious, once you try it, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Word of mouth goes miles for us. When someone is telling another person about their experience the energy on their face does the selling for us. We are looking forward to helping you have your next adventure!”

Ole Thomsen checks the wind speeds on a bright autumn day.